Pre-Order Advice

  • Visit our Specifications page to reference actual finished dimensions of each system.

  • Review our Gallerfor images that may help you decide how you plan on placing the tank.

  • Take measurements of the area you plan on placing the tank, focusing on plumbing clearances, wheel wells, tie-down points, and other items that you plan to carry next to your MAX-Tank.

  • Consider how the discharge tube will route to the dump station when you pull up to it in your vehicle.

  • Plan for the MAX-Tank plumbing to be in the safest possible location so it is not damaged by other items that you transport next to it.

  • If you have a fifth-wheel hitch or goose neck hitch, take measurements with the hitch installed. Ensure the tank will sit on a flat surface, and not interfere with the operation of the hitch.

  • Consider where you plan to store the tank when not in use.