Are you tired of worrying about running out of fresh water or overfilling your grey tank before the fun even begins? You are not alone. The fact is, most RV’s just don’t have big enough holding tanks to truly travel in style.


The RV life is about adventure and relaxation. But it is also about being prepared. You know the list: · BBQ · Chairs · Tools · Propane · Appetizers · Beer, Wine & Cocktails Enough fresh water for a first-class experience? Enough room in the greywater tank to make it through the weekend?


MAX-Tank auxiliary water systems allow you to check-off those last two items on the list, and free yourself from constantly having to worry about running out of water or holding tank space before making it to the end of your stay. Go ahead, fill the kitchen sink up with soapy water to clean-up after dinner.


Enjoy that long, hot shower after sitting next to the bonfire for 4 hours. Feel free to let the water run while you brush your teeth! Are you ever going to use that outdoor water station that came with your RV? Once you have a MAX-Tank system, all your amenities can be used at full potential. Home away from home, just like you imagined when you bought your RV.

If you like running out of water mid-stay or greywater backing up into the sinks while taking a shower MAX-Tank is not for you.





You value of having the right gear for your trip. Leaving even one item at home can make the difference between fond memories and hectic times. You have spent a lot of time and effort acquiring the equipment needed to support your adventures and keep you happy on the road. Seeking out quality gear to enhance your experiences and stay comfortable in even the most remote locations has become a passion. 


At MAX-Tank, we know how you feel. We share in the passion for worry-free travel experiences and using our RV’s to full potential. Our obsession for having the right accessories drove us to create the industry's’ first and only auxiliary water systems designed specifically for RV’s. 


Sure, there are plenty of inferior options. You can always pour bottled water through a funnel to add water to your fresh tank first thing in the morning so you can flush the toilet. Fun stuff. 


Yep, there are also plenty of well-known methods you can struggle with to gravity-feed wastewater into a clumsy tank on wheels, and then strain your back trying to move it around while you are on vacation.

The good news is that the bar has been raised!

Gone are the days of finding a store with enough bottled water to refill your water supply. Forget about moving your cumbersome “tote” style tank around the campsite. Say goodbye to having others in your group wonder if you are the one that will have to dump wastewater on the ground in the middle of the weekend. Call off your plans to ask the local RV dealership if they can install larger tanks in your RV. The modern way to transfer water in and out of your RV is now at the flip of a switch!


Connecting and operating the system is simple enough to assign to one of the kids. Our simple, easy to use systems ship right to your doorstep. There are no vehicle or RV modifications to consider, and they are easy to store when not in use.

WAIT! There is more… 


MAX-Tank owners have found that their systems are not just solving RV related problems. Since MAX-Tank systems were designed to be mobile, the uses are truly endless. Use it around the ranch, at the beach, or at the construction site. Store your emergency water supply for the next power outage or hurricane, or when you wake up to frozen pipes. Sleep well knowing that you and your family have a 12-volt water system ready to go.


Take your MAX-Tank across your property to water your new trees at the end of your driveway or bring it to the next BBQ event to serve as your water supply and handwashing station.


MAX-Tanks have been used for construction projects where water is not available, and for water supply for horses after a long ride on the trail. Take it to your remote cabin in the woods or use it for your pressure washer in remote locations. If you have ever done a welding project to fix a gate on the far side of the farm, you know how nice it is to have a water supply nearby.

Need a fresh water supply on your boat? How nice would it be to have a water supply on your next hunting trip? 


Once you receive your MAX-Tank, we know you will put it to good use. 

What will you use your MAX-Tank for?